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Taking note

In a perfect world nothing ever goes wrong but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and the day will arrive when your computer or notebook will not fire up. Don't panic. One quick call to APY will put you back on the cyber highway in no time flat.

Slowly does it

Is your computer or laptop a little slower than it used to be? Does booting up take forever or that download seems longer than a feature film? Could be a multitude of problems - and we can find out why.

What the doctor ordered

Viruses and spyware that's innocently infected your computer can play havoc and cause serious damage to your whole system. At best even the simplest infection can really slow everything down. And who has time to waste?

We can remove all viruses and spyware from your system and set you up with security that would even impress the folks at Fort Knox. At much more affordable price.

Past your prime

Technology moves fast and chances are, even with the best optimized computer or laptop, your machine is getting a little long in the tooth to keep up with the fast paced computing power that you need.

Let us upgrade your current system so that it runs like a winner and brings your productivity up to the speed that you demand.

And if your computer or laptop is really ready to be retired to the technology museum, we can recommend a system that fits your individual needs and install it in no time flat. All for an affordable, cost effective price that fits your budget. And a warrantee to boot! Contact information


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